Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Greff Fabrics Blues, 1971 (vii)

Coincidentally, by the time Robert was editing "University Review" in the early 1970s, he was apparently involved with his future wife, Louise. Due to the residual ageist and male chauvinist consciousness that I still reflected in the Spring of 1968, I had been reluctant to, myself, get involved with an older radical left feminist grad student who then seemed more willing than the women I had previously dated to take the initiative in pushing for a relationship with a younger man; after I had first met Louise in the student-occupied Fayerweather Hall during the 1968 Columbia Student Revolt. But by the Fall of 1971, my ageist and male chauvinist reluctance to get involved, myself, with an older feminist woman like Louise, who was also willing to take the initiative in pushing for a relationship, had pretty much vanished.

So when I bumped into Louise at a bus stop on Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, while she was waiting to take a bus to the Queens College campuse in the Fall of 1971, I was now much more open to getting closer to Louise than I had been three years before.