Friday, December 27, 2013

Greff Fabrics Blues, 1971 (viii)

Having apparently finished doing her grad school academic work in the English Department of Columbia University's Graduate School of Liberal Arts, Louise had apparently been hired by the Queens College English Department to teach some literature or English composition courses to undergraduate students at Queens College. By the Fall of 1971, Louise was more dressed up than she had been when she was a Columbia grad student rebel in the Spring of 1968; and she now looked a little more culturally straight and more like a professor now.

Yet she seemed almost as friendly to me as she had been in the Spring of 1968 and we ended up riding on the bus together to Queens College and then--after getting off at the bus stop nearest Queens College's campus--walking through the campus to the low-rise building in which her office was located. During our conversation on the bus, we had both agreed that the failure of then-New York State Governor Nelson Rockefeller to grant amnesty to the Attica prisoners who revolted in early September 1971 seemed similar to the failure of former Columbia University President Grayson Kirk to grant amnesty to the Columbia and Barnard students who had revolted in April and May of 1968.