Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Greff Fabrics Blues, 1971 (xvii)

Besides sending Louis to work alongside me in the Greff Fabrics sample room basement during the Fall of 1971, Snelling and Snelling also placed in a sample room clerk job a white guy in his early 20's (whose name I no longer recall) who was a student at Kent State University in Ohio in May 1970--when four Kent State students were shot and killed by Ohio National Guard troops and at least one other student was wounded and permanently paralyzed.

In the Fall of 1971, this former Kent State University student looked pretty straight culturally, had short hair and was beardless, wore glasses, and came to work every day wearing a suit and tie and dress shirt during the three or four weeks he spent working in the Greff Fabrics sample room--before he left for some higher-paying job.

So I was surprised when he quietly revealed to me late one afternoon--a few days before he moved to his new job elsewhere--that, when he was a Kent State University student in 1970, he was part of the small group of Kent State anti-war student radicals that--following Nixon's speech which announced the U.S. military invasion of Cambodia--destroyed the Kent State University ROTC building--a few nights before the Ohio State National Guard troops shot live bullets at students on the Kent State campus in the afternoon; after previously being ordered to occupy the town of Kent by Ohio's then-governor.