Sunday, April 13, 2014

Greff Fabrics Blues, 1971 (xxi)

I also no longer remember the name of a fourth co-worker in the Greff Fabrics sample room basement in the Fall of 1971. The fourth co-worker was a short white woman in her early 20's, with medium-length black hair, who probably was considered neither particularly unattractive nor particularly attractive on a physical level by most men of the early 1970s. Like me, she stopped dressing-up in a culturally straight way after a week on the job; and by the second week of her work at Greff Fabrics she began wearing jean and slacks to work every day.

Like the Asian-American co-worker, she was pretty much uninterested in current events or counter-cultural politics, although--unlike the Asian-American co-worker--she expressed some anti-war sentiments and some dissatisfaction with having to work in the 9-to-5 straight corporate world in order to obtain a paycheck and some spending money.

But in the Fall of 1971, her biggest concern was that the boyfriend with whom she had been sleeping with during the previous year--and whom she was still hung-up on--had recently broken up with her. So most of the talk during work breaks that I had with her were about the possible reasons why her relationship with her boyfriend seemed to be falling apart; and the more we talked with each other day-after-day, the more I began to feel that--if she ceased to still be hung-up on her boyfriend--she might be someone with whom I might want to get involved romantically, myself.

But after a few months of breaking up with her, her boyfriend eventually decided he wanted to get back together again with her. So after eventually quitting my job at Greff Fabrics in late December 1971, I never saw this co-worker again.